Thursday, June 29, 2006

I finally updated this damn thing. It's a miracle!

Yay, I have a place for all my curious swap partners to go. And I stole this template from BambiKhantastic, who stole it from Catpants, so thank you both. And I just threw this together at work, so as I think of more stuff, I will post it.

Birthdate: 01/01/84
Location: MT
Work: graphic designer at a newspaper...I am using that job description veeery loosely

Music and Movies:
Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Marilyn Manson, Alice in Chains, Mudvayne, and anything along those lines. But I also love Fiona Apple, Kitaro, Eatha Kitt and any sounds of the earth type music. Pretty much everything but country, rap, hip hop and nasty sugary pop is good for me.

I like really wierd movies, like Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and SLC Punk. I also like Lost Highway, The Crow, Edward Scissorhands, Usual Suspects, Seven and Everything is Illuminated. I'm actually pretty picky about movies and don't go to the theatre often. I really detest the great majority of dime-a-dozen comedies like 40 Year Old Virgin, Dodgeball and whatever other crap follows that formula. If I do go to the movies, it's the drive-in because I prefer that to the regular theater.

I am not big on celeb worship. I don't read People, and I don't know my fave actors birthdays. The best movies are the ones I get really lost in, and I can believe the characters. I can tell you I don't like Tom Cruise, Will Farrel, or Ben Stiller. Overall, I am not a big fan of owning things that are themed around celebs, television or movies. Tiny things are okay because they don't steal attention from an overall design scheme. A Lost Highway magnet = awesome...Crow pillow, not so much.

My fave books include Persepholis, Enders Game and City of Light City of Dark. I also love anything on art and design, artists, art processes. DIY books are huge for me too. I also collect old editions of the Wizard of Oz books (1930's and before), but I'm not big on the movie or Oz themed stuff. I really love books that have an even split of information and pictures. If you really need to know more, I have an Amazon wishlist you can browse.

I don't have a ton of time for reading anymore, but I try to fit bits in here and there. I also crochet, sew, alter books, keep visual journals, paint, bead, and make jewelry, to list a few. My main art form is anything using found objects and collage. And outdoorsey stuff like camping and fishing when my husband is home. I really love learning new crafts and making things for other people. Since I had a baby, most of my projects are done in stages when I have time to spare.

I am generally a sucker for paper. Pretty stationery, mailing labels, wax seals, gift wrap, etc.

I have dog! She is a 20 pound mutt named Whisper.

Crafts I can do with a fair amount of confidence:
Book altering, crocheting, book binding, decopage, cooking, sewing, jewelry
Crafts I can do passably:
Embroidery, altering and resizing clothes
Crafts I'm Learning:
Crafts I would like to learn:
Maybe learning new crafts is not a good idea at this point. I have a lot on my plate. But if I had to answer...batik, glass fusing, lamp working and encaustic.

My Philosophy on Stuff

To preface this, I was raised by packrats. My Dad loves buying, displaying and storing stuff. Techology related gadgets and back issues of Cooks magazine are his bread and butter. My Mom is more the craft supply packrat. Over the past few years, I have begun to embrace a simpler take on life in general. As of September 2010, I am starting on the Apartment Therapy home cure. I still collect craft supplies, but within more reasonable limits.

As far as non-craft goods go, I am trying to keep things simple. I really don't want tchochkies or stuff that just takes up space. I prefer pretty, functional things. Funky handmade napkins and ceramics I can use eveyday make me way happier then piles of stuffed animals.

Stuff I dig:

Stars, elephants, bats, crows, sparrows, finches, bunnies and trees. Anything traditional east Asian, especially Japan, Tibet and India. I like skulls, but I am starting to think they are overplayed. If you go the skull route, let's go anatomical. Also, I loooove snowflakes.

I love tactile fabrics like courdoroy and velvet. Apparently, I also have a thing for stripes. I also love batiks.

I also like getting stuff I can share with my husband, dog and baby.

Stuff I hate:
Stupid hippies symbols. Which is funny because I'm semi-hippie. But the peace signs, smiley faces, pot leafs, mushrooms and daisies drive me nuts.

I also do not like cutesey, hello kitty, anime style stuff. Not big on animal prints either.

Colours: All of them. I prefer jewel tones and earth tones. Neons and pastels are scarey because sometimes they work, and other times, they sooooo don't. But I will say neons and pastels are always okay for homespun yarn. And there are endless color combos I love, but if you are looking for something specific, let me know. I do not like plaid.

Scents: I love rose, lily of the valley, gardinia, jasmine and lilac. I also love fresh cut grass and citrus. I love candles. I do not like incense, patchouli or really stong or fakey smells.

Style: In two words; bold and wierd. I love loud patterns and colors, and am fourtunate enough to be able to pull them off. Overall, I would say artsy. I also really love vintage. Skeleton keys, typewriters, leather bound business ledgers, and stuff that doesn't plug in are all things I really love.

My style mostly shows in my accessories. I love lots of accessories and clothes with interesting textures or patterns. At this point, my wists are big enough to probably give you an excellant sense of my style.

Sizing: Um, mostly average. I'm 5'4", 165ish lbs . I'm a bit bigger then average in my bust and butt. Well, a lot in the butt. I also like longer shirts as opposed to belly shirts. I am not fourteen and don't care to dress like it. If you need specific sizes, go ahead and ask.

Hair: Shoulder length and staying brown. I have bangs, but hate hair in my face. Therefore, I can always use hair stuff. Hair pins and strechy headbands rock. Some kanzashi would rule. I also wear a lot of fun vintagey scarves.

Jewelry: I wear bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings and I always want more.

Bags: I think I may have actually maxed out in this department. Weird.

Skirts: Knee to floor length. I wear them year round, and have almost none. Anything but reconned jeans.

Fave Design Inspiration(clothing):

sundance catalog

free people

Other Clothing Info: I love knee-high socks. I am also a total sucker for winter accessories. Except for hats...I generally dislike hats. But if you can make a winter hat that doesn't suck, I probably should start wearing one.

Other Stuff Info: I like pillows, but I don’t need any more. Please no more. Seriously. I have a fwe on Etsy, but they ar more for my reference when I redecorate my living room. Pillowcases are fine. My bedding is in greens, blues, greys, browns and off whites.

If you are trying to think of little extras for a swap package, here are some ideas. I drink lots of coffee, tea, cocoa, chai, especially during the winter months. As far as hot drinks go, wierd flavors do not scare me. I also love chocolate. My fave non-chocolate candies are peppermint, sour patch kids, green apple sour punch straws and reisens.

I love wax seals on envelopes. Premade, hot glue wax or traditional, I love them all.

I collect postcards and ATC's.

This list is going to be updated as I think of good stuff.

- I always want skeleton keys. Any size (except for the freakishly large decor ones), shape, number and condition.

- Sunprint cloth.

- Lampworked beads.

- Good yarn...Noro, handspun or cotton, silk or bamboo blends.

Big Wishes:
- I always want good dinner napkins in 100% cotton. Any color or style will do, as long as they can really be used day in and day out.

- Homemade bath stuff is always welcome, especially scrubs and bubble bath. Mostly because I love using it, but can never bring myself to pay for it.

- Knit gloves. I can already crochet, and I would love something different.

Wistness and listness:
My wists:

House wists (just for an idea of style...there isn't mcuh to craft):

Kid wists:

I have an Amazon wishlist under my maiden name and Etsy favorites that can also be consulted.

As I always tell my swapping buddies, ask me questions if you want. And tell me if there's something I'm missing here.


Blogger shoozles said...

Found you in Crafster, thanks for the comment. I came to your blog now I know everything about you but you name LOL.

Glad to meet you

7:06 AM  
Blogger Ilix said...

wow that is alot of stuff, at least it may answer some questions for intrested swappers!

12:58 PM  
Blogger DoomMerchant said...

I found you on craftster- I was looking at an altered book you made and I just fell in love with the texture. It may sound odd- but I wanted to reach out and touch the pages, I have a thing with texture, but find it hard to work with myself. If you're interested, I'm CraftyImperfections on Craftster, and my blog is
I'll be posting my own pictures of an altered journal soon- in the meantime I'd love to hear some of your feedback!

7:11 PM  

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